New Zealand's Favourite Websites


Ever wondered what the most popular NZ websites are?

New Zealand, arguably the most beautiful country on the planet and home to Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings), Lorde (Singer), Karl Urban (Star Trek) and Rachael Hunter (supermodel), has an incredibly active internet community with close to 90% of its population online. 

Banking, buying and bloggers are high interest, as are weather, TV and newspapers. With over 42,000 students the University of Auckland makes it into the top ten! Not surprisingly, a little site from the US hits the top spot...! 

As the local version of the world's most-used international search engine ( is #3), and part of the Alphabet company, it gets more hits each day than any other site in New Zealand. Closely following Google is another Alphabet company, 

There are no local versions of Youtube and interestingly it has over 2,000,000 local New Zealand sites linking to it. The only site that beats Youtube for links is, with nearly 6,500,000 connections. 

Kiwis love learning, watching movies, grabbing a bargain and are some of the most travelled citizens of all countries, which probably explains why Trademe, Reddit and Wikipedia are next in the rankings behind 

In our Top 30 list, we are including only New Zealand sites, so you can get the best of Kiwi goodness from locally made content enjoyed by the world. We’ve curated the top New Zealand websites based on extensive research and we have excluded any non-kiwi domains. 

These are the most visited sites by New Zealanders each day and ranked by page rank scores (relevance and authority). Because rankings can change daily, we’ve taken a 12-monthy period from today’s date and averaged the results. 

The Top 10 New Zealand Websites

Ranking Name Website
1. Trademe
2. Stuff
3. NZHerald
4. ANZ Bank
5. University of Auckland
6. Westpac Bank
7. Metservice
9. Kiwibank
10. Inland Revenue Department

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